David Gorovic - Psychologist
Calm Your Mind

Have you noticed that your mind always tends to be busy; that there are dozens of thoughts that seem to be going through your mind at any one time;  that this thinking process (which includes reviewing past events/memories; trying to deal with and control current events and challenges and thinking about and planning for the future) never stops.  

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Manage Your Emotions

Our common  distressing emotions, such as anger, fear/anxiety, guilt and shame, sadness, hurt and others depend largely on how we think and what we do.  This also applies to positive emotions(happiness, joy, fun, excitement, curiosity, love, enthusiasm, etc.)  Emotions seem to have a life of their own in that they just seem to happen to us and that we don’t seem to have any control over them. 

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Relax Your Body

When you’re under stress and pressure this will reflect in your body in terms of:

  • Physical tension in your muscles
  • Increased heart rate and breathing rate.
  • Increased Blood pressure
  • Temperature in different parts of the body (some can become hotter and some colder)
  • Increased perspiration (including ‘sweaty hands’)

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